Intensive workout puts you at risk of muscle mass loss. However, if you regularly deliver carbohydrates and protein to your body in the form of Real Mass by Real Pharm you will guarantee yourself all the necessary nutrients that will satisfy your body’s demand during intensified physical activity.

Wholesome protein is quickly absorbed by your body, provides complete nourishment and supports you in the process of building muscle mass.

Properly calculated proportions of Real Pharm’s Real Mass, together with a balanced diet and training are an effective combination that will let you achieve effective muscle mass gains.

Real Mass is a portion of good mood, muscle support, and an energy kick exactly when you need them most.

Real Mass is the perfect mass supplement and the maximum anabolic impulse.

Perfectly balanced, containing only top quality ingredients, 20% gainer type supplement, is based on wholesome protein and carbohydrates.

Real Mass will help you to improve the anabolic processes, it will supply your muscles with active building ingredients. The product is intended for both professional and amateur athletes of every sport discipline.

When you can’t have a wholesome meal you don’t have to worry, just take Real Mass – your muscles won’t be at risk of degradation caused by catabolism.

The combination of high quality carbohydrates and wholesome protein will let you supply your body only with nutritionally valuable calories that will influence the improvement of your muscle mass gains and will not be transformed into unneeded fat tissue that deforms the proportions of your silhouette.

In case of persons who have problems with gaining muscle mass, for whom having another meal in order to deliver sufficient amount of calories turns out to be impossible, or if you are ectomorphic, Real Mass will provide you everything you need. Each serving of our product will give you a strong anabolic impulse that comes with great taste!

Try it and see that Real Mass is the best, high quality source of additional calories. Real Mass will finally let you enjoy the perfect consistency of a nourishing drink – our gainer comes in the best flavors and without any lumps!


– Quick and effective muscle gains

– Possibility to supply your body with additional amino acids

– Indispensable energy during every workout


Mix 1 serving of the product (75g – 2 measuring spoons) with 150-250 ml of water or milk. Take twice per day.

The product is not recommended for persons with kidneys disorders, pregnant and breastfeeding women. Measuring spoon attached to the package. Product intended for healthy adults.


 ACTIVE INGREDIENTS 100g 1 serving (75g)
Energy value 376 kcal/1596 kJ 282 kcal/1197 kJ
Fats 2,5g 1,9g
incl. saturated fatty acids 1,6g 1,2g
Carbohydrates 68g 51g
incl. sugars 10g 7,5g
Dietary fiber 1g 0,75g
Protein 20g 15g
Salt 0,25g 0,19g

Additional information

Weight N/A

3.632 kg, 6.8 kg


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