Pole Nutrition Nitro Verge Whey Protein

Pole Nutrition Nitro Verge Whey Protein is a scientifically engineered whey isolate+ lean muscle builder formula designed for all athletes who are looking for more muscle, more strength, and better performance. Nitro edge whey Protein contains protein sourced primarily from whey protein isolate – one of the cleanest and purest protein sources available to athletes.

Benefits Of Pole Nutrition Nitro Verge
  • High content of high-quality protein: With every serving of Nitro Edge Whey protein, you get up to 24g of high-quality proteins. You have the advantage of fast-acting proteins like isolates and hydrolysates that are absorbed by the muscles instantly. These proteins are ultra-filtered and micro-filtered to ensure a higher protein concentration that helps you build lean muscle mass. The high protein content of each serving ensures that active individuals are able to meet the protein demands of their bodies each day. Since it is also convenient to use, you can get the nutrition that you need on the go.
  • Enhanced recovery: With fast-acting proteins, your muscles are able to get instant nourishment that helps repair any wear and tear caused by heavy and intense training. In addition to this, you also have a great amino acid profile which includes BCAAs that are absorbed directly into the muscles. With faster recovery, you get the benefit of improved performance as you do not have to worry about common issues like muscle soreness and stiffness.
  • Improves muscle size: In addition to helping you get a quick source of vital proteins, these supplements also keep your cells hydrated. This gives you great volume and also helps improve strength with regular use. When muscle cells are hydrated, you are also able to endure long hours of training without any hassles.
  • Helps you build lean muscles: The fast-acting proteins in this whey protein powder are ideal for those who want to build lean muscle mass. This supplement is also free from any trans fats and sugars which makes it ideal for those who are looking at developing lean muscle mass.
How To Use

Mix 1 Scoop With 4 To 6 Oz Or Mix 2 Servings 2 Scoops With 8 To 12 Oz Of Cold Water Or Skim Milk In A Glass Or Shaker Cup Use Between Major Meals And After Exercise Drink 8 To 10 Glasses Of Water Daily


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