Pole Nutrition Nitro Verge SHRED  is a scientifically engineered whey isolate+ lean muscle builder formula designed for all athletes who are looking to cut extra pounds while preserving maximum muscle. Nitro verge Shred contains protein sourced primarily from whey protein isolate – one of the cleanest and purest protein sources available to athletes.


  • Nitro Verge SHRED is a scientifically engineered whey protein formula and is enhanced with thermogenic ingredients which helps in cutting while keeping maximum muscle intact.
  • 24g Protein; NO Creatine; 500mg L Carnitine; 250mg CLA per Serving
  • 76 Servings


Mix 1 Scoop With 4 To 6 Oz Or Mix 2 Servings 2 Scoops With 8 To 12 Oz Of Cold Water In A Glass Or Shaker Cup Use Between Major Meals And After Exercise Drink 8 To 10 Glasses Of Water Daily