Description: For FITNESS lovers, Made from high quality fresh peanuts, this MYFITNESS Peanut Butter is more than a breakfast companion. It is a high protein, nutritious and delicious treat whether used in recipes, as a spread on sandwiches or even when simply licked off a spoon. It is healthy for everyone in the family because it has zero cholesterol and zero trans-fats.


  • Rich in Fiber.
  • Excellent Source of Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Good for a people with diabetes.
  • Weight loss friendly food.
  • Longer Shelf Life.

Ingredient: Roaster peanuts, Sugar, salt, permitted stabilizing agent.

Additional information


Chocolate Crispy, Chocolate Crunchy, Chocolate Smooth, Original Crunchy, Original Smooth


1250gm, 510gm, 2.5 kg


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