BIGG™ NUTRITION INSANE BULK is a high calorie drink for athletes and body builders as it provides 1198 Kcal in 2 servings per day.Its rich creamy chocolate flavoured shake provides 1198 Kcal in 2 servings per day, thus guarantee optimum muscle growth.  BIGG™ NUTRITION INSANE BULK ensures that calories it provides comes from high quality proteins, good fats, complex carbs and digestive enzymes to attain good body weight and muscular body. Its unique ratio 1:4 of proteins and carbs is so perfectly designed to meet the energy and protein needs of all athletes to maintain and transform their physique.It also provides 27 gm high quality proteins per serving from a unique blend of fast and slow acting protein sources to improve one’s athletic performance.It is also enriched with 27 vitamins and minerals and 107 gm complex carbs per serving that enhances one’s physical efficiency and immunity and accelerate workout timings.